Tips on Visually Measuring Your Traffic Sources

Yes your monthly search engine ranking report currently rank in all major search engine like Google, Yahoo and MSN, but where does your traffic comes from? Is it from other site? Perhaps in a paid versus organic search? What about RSS feeds / e-mail / affiliates?

Measuring what sources are driving the highest quantity and quality visits to your site is one of the fundamentally most important (and easiest!) things a web analyst can do.

Your traffic sources report usually doesn’t look much different than this:

Then if you’re really lucky you get a slick visual summary of that data in the form of a pie chart!

Here are some useful tips I’ve found for really getting insight out of your traffic sources reporting :

  • Decide on your sources

  • Set up tracking on your sources

  • Report and find those insights!

  • Go ask for that raise!

Learn more about these practical and powerful tips. See how it was presented in a way which provides insight and analysis.

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